Laboratory of Computational Transport Phenomena References

This project is the master repository of the LCTP's managing bibliographies for publications, proposals, dissertations, etc.

Getting Started

  1. Download and install Jabref:

  1. Check out repository:

svn co lctpref

If you are having trouble please see the more detailed instructions here.

  1. Navigate to and open up a *.bib file with Jabref.

Rules of the Road

  1. The spirit of this repository is to enter in a reference once, and as cleanly and as completely as can be. Please do not check in sloppy entries. When it comes time to proof publications checking references can be quite tedious. You will thank me at that point!
  1. If you are unsure how to format a particular reference please sort by type in Jabref and model after the format of a similar entry.
  1. Please be certain to add DOI for every entry that has one. If an item does not have a DOI, like a tech report, provide the URL instead.
  1. Do not check in any PDFs into this repository. Primarily, to keep the size down. Secondly, in many cases it wouldn't be legal. Use the DOI to visit the journal page and download it yourself. Any PDF file that you put into the papers directory (see below) will automatically be ignored. You can use this directory for your local copies if you'd like.

Project Organization

The directory structure is as follows:

$:~/lctpref$ tree -l 
├── bibtex/
│   ├── bib/
│   │   ├── cfd/
│   │   │   ├── cfd.bib
│   │   │   └── cfd_peyman.bib
│   │   ├── dns/
│   │   │   └── dns.bib
│   │   ├── hpc/
│   │   │   └── hpc.bib
│   │   ├── ncc/
│   │   │   └── ncc.bib
│   │   ├── qc/
│   │   │   └── qc.bib
│   │   └── viz/
│   │       └── viz.bib
│   └── bst/
│       └── cfdlab.bst
├── papers/
  • There are multiple directories containing bib entries. None of them are mutually exclusive. However, for specific projects and collaborations it made sense to keep them separate.
  • The cfd directory is where most LCTP related references and citations will go. cfd_peyman.bib is Peyman's old bib file. Please do not modify it. It is there because sometimes Peyman will reference a paper that is not in the up-to-date bib so you can use the old bib to check against.
  • The dns directory can be for direct numerical simulation references.
  • The hpc directory is for high performance computing references, in some cases having nothing to do with CFD.
  • The ncc directory is for references and citations regarding the National Combustion Code.
  • The qc directory is for references and citations regarding the Quantum Speedup for Turbulent Combustion Simulations Grant.
  • The viz directory is for references and citations related to our collaboration with Liz Marai's group.
  • The bst directory is for any custom style files.
  • The papers directory is for your local copy of PDFs. They will be ignored by svn.
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