NSF Big Data Proposal

Getting Started

The proposal manuscript is managed via Subversion. To check out the manuscript into a working directory titled bigdata:

svn co --username <PittID> bigdata

Directory Structure

The current directory structure is as follows:

├── manuscript/    # Directory containing all tex related files, bib, images, etc.
├── files/         # Directory containing all additional files, such as biosketches, data management plan, etc.
├── README.txt     # Document to collect any relevant info
└── TODO.txt       # Document to collect pending tasks

Useful SVN Commands

  • Please check out a working copy of the repository using the svn co command above.
  • It is a good idea to always work with an up-to-date repo. That way conflicts can be avoided. To update your working copy, run the following in the bigdata directory:
    svn up
  • To add a newfile (directory) to the repository, first create the file inside your working copy, then run:
    svn add newfile
  • For a summary of any local (uncommitted) changes to the working copy run:
    svn stat
    The first column gives more info regarding the status of the file.
    • ? - a file that has not been added to the repository
    • A - a file that has been added but not yet checked in
    • M - a file that has been modified but not yet checked in
    • D - a file that has been deleted locally, but not yet in the repo
  • To check in any local changes, passing an appropriate message after the -m:
    svn ci -m "Patrick added a newfile, and wrote some stuff."

View Files

For authorized users only: Files and images can be viewed online through the browser without being downloaded. Click here to browse the source.


As an alternative to a simple todo doc or exchanging emails, tasks can be created and assigned through the ticketing system.

To create a ticket use the New Ticket link in the menu above or click here.

To view existing & pending tickets use the View Tickets above or click here.

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