Hydrologic Disaster Forecasting and Response Project (HDFR)

The Hydrologic Disaster Forecasting and Response system (HDFR) is a software application under current development. Its goal is to provide support to engineering teams that are in charge of the transportation infrastructure during severe weather conditions. The system is being designed to access hydro-meteorological information and use it to perform simulations that will help users determine the threat levels of the numerous vulnerable structures state-wide. This website contains general information about the system and provides several useful tools for the authenticated members of the development team.


The main modules that make up the HDFR system include:

  • Data access -- Access to meteorological and hydrologic historic, real-time, and forecast information
  • Hydrologic modeling -- Create accurate models that help in predicting future conditions
  • Severity assessment -- Determine the severity of events by contrasting them with the observed history

Bringing it all together

The different modules in the HDFR system can be used together within workflows. These workflow can be ran provide helpful information for decision-makers in charge of the transportation infrastructure. The workflows include:

  • Bridge monitoring? -- Determining the bridges that may have been compromised after a severe weather event
  • Weather alarms? -- Warnings related to weather conditions such as snow storms, icy roads, and fog

Development team

The HDFR project is a collaboration between:

The project has received funding from:

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